What We Do


Genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic data is the basis of life. BioAlg can consider all of these information sources as a continuum

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Bioinformatics requires complex and accurate approach. BioAlg creating algorithms for biological data processing

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For modern drug design comprehensive tools are needed. BioAlg creating innovative bioinformatic platforms

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Welcome to the Future of Life Sciences!

Can anyone imagine modern biology without computations? We, like many, are sure: this is impossible. Furthermore, our current activity is aimed at creating of tools for these computations.

Our company is a startup founded by an initiative group of scientists, united by the principles of interdisciplinarity. A whole range of scientific groups are involved into our projects, bringing their efforts together.

BioAlg philosophy implies an active participating in progress of the humanity, and expressed in developing of new tools and approaches in bioinformatics algorithms.


To Collaborate...

Are you interested to know more about BioAlg can offer? This could be a proprietary software or own technologies. Just send us a request!